Charles works to improve the affordability and accessibility of health care. In 2020, he led a team for Texas 2036 that developed the Health Coverage Policy Explorer, an interactive online tool that allowed policymakers and the public to explore the costs and effectiveness of numerous policy scenarios to increase the number of insured Texans.

During the 2021 Legislative Session, he worked on bills and efforts to improve health insurance markets, optimize price transparency, and improve the efficiency and value of the health care industry in Texas so that Texans are able to access and afford quality care when they need it.

Going into 2023, he is working on better understanding who the remaining uninsured in Texas are and the barriers they face to obtaining care, building upon existing price transparency requirements and improving compliance, and improving the way that employers and the state design health benefit plans to maximize the affordability of quality care.  

Charles lives in Austin with his wife and two daughters (ages 4 and 2).  In his spare time he plays ice hockey, smokes meats, hikes the hill country, and advocates for Notre Dame's football independence.