Joshua Fredell is Vice President and Head of PBM and Specialty Product Innovation at CVS Health. He oversees ideation, commercialization, and management of the company’s pharmacy benefit and specialty management products, including formulary design, network products and pricing approaches, specialty innovation, clinical solutions, and medical benefit management. Joshua joined the legacy Caremark Rx corporation in 2003. During his 19 years with the organization, Joshua has focused on the ideation, commercialization and ongoing management of clinical products and services, ranging from those designed to manage unnecessary pharmacy spend to those focused on improving overall healthcare through adherence and closing gaps in care. During that time, he has held leadership roles overseeing development of solutions and services that help make prescription medications more affordable and accessible, promote therapy adherence, prevent gaps in care, and manage spending. Most recently, he led formulary strategy to help prevent wasteful spend while ensuring plan members have access to clinically appropriate therapies. Currently, Joshua and his team are focused on developing strategies that help create best-in-class savings while supporting clinically robust decision making including targeted formulary approaches for high-cost therapy classes, better control of specialty spend within the medical benefit, and improving the oncology patient/provider experience while lowering overall cost. His team is also focused on continuing to innovate and enhance plan design solutions to help clients stay ahead of emerging market trends in a changing pharmaceutical landscape. Prior to CVS Health, Joshua was part of the pharmacy department of UPMC Health Plan, Joshua holds a Pharm.D. from the University of Pittsburgh.