Babson Diagnostics


Babson Diagnostics is a science-first healthcare technology company reimagining the entire diagnostic blood testing experience. Babson's mission is to make routine blood testing less invasive, more convenient, and affordable, empowering people to take charge of their health.

Babson is preparing for the commercial launch of BetterWay blood testing, a first-of-its-kind ecosystem designed for primary care and family medicine, supporting annual exams, chronic condition monitoring, and screenings. BetterWay expands access to blood testing by using a pea-sized amount of blood collected from a fingertip by trained healthcare professionals in convenient locations without the need for a phlebotomist. BetterWay covers the most ordered tests and produces high-quality results equivalent to traditional methods of blood testing that require much more sample volume.

The company has received key patents in the United States, European Union, and China related to its unique end-to-end technological ecosystem and the ability to maximize the clinical utility of microsamples of blood collected from a fingertip. In addition, Babson has fully validated a broad set of miniaturized assays that are ready for commercial use in its CLIA-certified laboratory.

Babson, based in Austin, Texas, is led by individuals with deep experience in healthcare, diagnostics, engineering, and laboratory technologies. The company is named in honor of Art Babson, whose legacy of scientific innovation and excellence is the foundation on which the company is built.

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