Podimetrics is solving the devastating and costly problem of preventable diabetic amputations and associated complications. This hidden problem in healthcare is driven by approximately 6% of members with diabetes - that represent up to 1/3rd of the diabetic member costs.

At Podimetrics, we're addressing this problem via our FDA-cleared in-home SmartMat and Virtual Care Solution which simply requires members to step on the mat once per day for 20 seconds. No app, no Bluetooth, no wireless, no cords. We work directly with Health Plans and Value Based Organizations, providing at no charge, a very easy tool to identify these members - since they are hidden within hundreds of codes.

Our peer-reviewed research in Diabetes Care shows adherence that's off the charts - we see over 75% of members scanning almost daily one year after enrollment. As for outcomes, our published, peer-reviewed results of a study with one of the nation's top Health Plan/Provider System shows at 12 months - a 71% reduction in amputations, 52% reduction in all-cause hospitalizations and 40% reduction in ED utilization for the population we managed - which averages $8-13K in savings per enrolled member per year and a 3:1 ROI. And we continue to see similar results with national and regional Health Plans, IDN's and the VA.

The Podimetrics end-to-end program (including member and provider engagement initiatives) can be implemented with very little lift on part of the Health Plan, deployed in around 90 days, and paying for itself (in most cases) in under 6 months.

Our goal is to help our Health Plan partners understand the magnitude of this problem within their population, identify the members we can help, and work to eliminate preventable lower limb amputations, complications, and the extremely high costs that effect plans total cost of diabetes care.

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