At Renalytix, we are introducing more accurate prognosis and effective care management for the estimated 850 million people worldwide with chronic kidney disease. In the United States alone, chronic kidney disease affects about 37 million people and is responsible for one of the largest cost drivers in the national medical system. Early identification, prognosis and treatment beginning with primary care is essential if we are to stem the growing social cost and suffering associated with kidney disease.

With our lead product, KidneyIntelX, the goal is to drive the focus from kidney disease treatment to kidney health management through a more accurate understanding of a patient’s risk for kidney failure before it happens. KidneyIntelX leads development in the new field of bioprognosis, a biology driven approach to risk assessment that integrates information from a simple blood draw and a patient’s health record to produce an accurate picture of kidney health. A doctor can use KidneyIntelX results to act on patients at high risk of kidney disease progression or failure at an early stage where active management and therapeutics have the best opportunity to impact outcomes and cost before it is too late.

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