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Moving Forward: Minding the Transportation Gap in Texas Health Care Coverage

September 15, 2020 10:50 AM

Steering Clients to Good Health: Why Treatment in Place is the Newest Innovation that Will Transform Health Care


Asbel Montes began his career in the ambulance industry in 1999. His EMS career included directing and leading teams that provided revenue cycle consultation to air and ground ambulance agencies, culminating into the position of Vice President of Government Relations and Revenue Cycle at Acadian Ambulance Service. In February of 2019, Asbel was promoted to his new title of Sr. Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Innovation. Over the past 20 years, Asbel has been a member of numerous organizations, including the Healthcare Financial Managers Association (HFMA), the American Ambulance Association (AAA), National EMS Managers Association (NEMSMA) and the National Association of EMTs (NAEMT). He has also served as a board member for the AAA and Louisiana Ambulance Alliance. Asbel currently serves on numerous committees and more notably chairs the AAA Payment Reform Committee as the industry begins to navigate the current healthcare changes and the correlation to the air and ground ambulance industry. In 2016, Asbel was appointed to the Ambulance Transport Alternatives Task Force for the State of Louisiana by Governor John Bel Edwards. In 2019, the Department of Transportation assigned Asbel as a member of the Air Ambulance and Patient Billing (AAPB) Advisory Committee. He is a respected thought leader on reimbursement initiatives within the industry and is a requested speaker at many conferences. He has also been asked to testify as an expert witness before federal and state health committees regarding ambulance reimbursement and veteran health initiatives as it relates to emergency medicine. Asbel is a contributing author in several EMS magazines as well as co-authoring the book, Management of Ambulance Services, as published by Prentice Hall in 2014.