Texas Covered Event

At the Intersection of Health Care, Technology and Data: What Does the Future Hold and How Can It Improve Health Care?

November 17, 2020 10:30 AM

Analyze That: Power of Data to Drive Better Health Care


Faith has over ten years of experience in healthcare. She specializes in Compliance, Quality Management, Utilization Management, and Care Management. Faith’s proven experience includes providing consultant services as a regulatory compliance auditor, providing State and Federal compliance assessments, operational assessments and Enterprise Risk Management assessments for health plans and Independent Physician Associations/Medical Groups. These include policy and procedure development, evaluation, and revision, as well as staff training and interim staff support. Faith also has experience in successful state and Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug license application filings. Faith is well versed in State, Federal, and National Committee for Quality Assurance requirements. Faith has substantial expertise with assessing and developing modern Compliance, Quality Management, Utilization Management, and Care Management programs, including Delegation Oversight, First tier, Downstream, and Related entity programs, Models of Care, Health Homes, to name a few, that not only adhere to accreditation, regulatory, and contractual requirements, but serve as a core asset to the entire organization. Faith develops organizational programs that produce actionable results and evidence compliance.