Texas Covered Event

Harnessing Innovation and Technology During and After COVID-19

September 24, 2020 8:30 AM

Telehealth and Telemonitoring: Delivering Care Safely During COVID-19


Dr. Prentiss Taylor, MD is a practicing physician as well as VP of Medical Affairs at Doctor On Demand. He is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and the Kellogg Business School. He has a board certification in Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine, with over 8 years as a medical director for Blue Cross Blue Shield, and  United Healthcare, as well as 10 years with Advocate Health Care in Chicago, where he was very involved with Medicare Advantage and ACO performance in shared-risk contracts. Additionally, he has served for the past 5 years as a front-line physician with Doctor on Demand, practicing telemedicine on their platform across 18 states from California to Alabama.