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Beyond Health Care: Prevention, Social Barriers & Population Health Improvement

October 20, 2020 8:30 AM

Not every health care problem can—or should—be addressed with a prescription pad: Addressing Social Determinants to Improve Population Health


Stoddard Davenport is a healthcare management consultant and researcher at Milliman, focused on the economics of mental health, substance use disorders, and other pressing public health issues. He helps organizations that are working to improve healthcare to design, manage, and evaluate their programs, and is passionate about bringing a focus on public health and health outcomes into financing and evaluation of care delivery systems.

Stoddard helps lead the behavioral health and population health teams. He is also a member of Milliman’s Racial Disparities in Healthcare Workgroup, and is on the steering committee for the Society of Actuaries’ Social Determinants of Health Strategic Initiative. His expertise is in using data to inform decision-making, including policy analysis, development and evaluation of population health strategies, and other interventions, and quantification of the impact of important public health issues, like the social determinants of health.

Stoddard holds a B.S in Economics and Applied Mathematics from Boise State University and a Master of Public Health degree from Dartmouth College.