Jacey Jetton

Representative, District 26, Texas House of Representatives

Jacey Jetton

Jacey Jetton is a 7th generation Texan deeply rooted in conservative values. Following in his father's footsteps, he enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard and served in a mechanized infantry unit. Jacey is a devoted husband to his wife, Fanny, and a loving father to their two sons, Jacob and Calob. The family resides in Richmond, Texas, and is actively involved in community service, including volunteering for organizations that tackle poverty and support veterans.

In 2020, Jacey was elected to the Texas House of Representatives to represent House District 26. He hit the ground running, focusing on issues like election integrity, child protection, human trafficking, border security, and law enforcement. His efforts earned him the title of "Freshman Legislator of the Year" by the House Republican Caucus.

Jacey is also an entrepreneur, inspired by his great-grandfather, Walter Jetton, the Texas "King of Barbeque." Alongside his wife, he has started multiple businesses that contribute to job creation and community services.

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